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My Sister, My Heart

Right now it seems like my real life is so full of joy that I don't need Gabriella as an emotional supplement anymore, which is a hard thing to accept for me. Maybe the reason I can't see Gabriella anymore is because she's off with Sophie instead? If she is, I know she will take good care of her. Perhaps Gabriella is like a child's toy, being is passed down from generation to generation, and being passed when the time is right. It would appear to be the perfect time for such a thing; I can imagine Sophie would need her now more than me. Gabriella could possibly relate to a set of training wheels; except not for a bicycle, but for finding peace within yourself. I guess once you've made a few trips there; you don't need the aid of the training wheels anymore, and you pass them on to the next person in need. Whatever she is; its hard to let go. Especially when I fashioned those "training wheels" from my own needs, fashioned from my true authenticity. I never expected her to be capable of fulfilling the needs of others this early on. Perhaps Gabriella adapted that ability from me; as the more I helped others, the more she did too. It is hard to let go, but I know she will come back to me in the end. This isn't even her final form, as I still have yet to fulfil my promise to myself. I will make her real someday, in my own way.

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